Community Support at City Toyota

City Toyota Supports Foodbank

Jamie Durie Give A Feed

This year 2 Million Australian’s will go hungry at some point during the year. This includes families with small children. 40,000 Western Australians seek help from Foodbank every month.

Imagine if you could make a difference to this and imagine if you could feed one family at Christmas for $25.

Donate now to make a difference to Western Australians lives at Christmas this year.

The Goal
Thanks to the Rotary Club of Herisson the Foodbank Christmas Appeal hopes to raise $62,500 to feed a total of 2500 families this Christmas!  This is achievable!!!  We only need 2500 people to donate $25!

What can I do to help?
Donate whatever you can spare and send the URL to all of your friends and family that you would help if they needed food for Christmas.

Thanks for your support.

City Toyota - National Tree Day

As part of National Tree Day (Sunday, 28 July), Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature-care event, City Toyota is driving planting activities to support the initiative and preserve the environmental future of Australia.

Historically responsible for planting more than 18.6 million native trees, grasses and shrubs by approximately 3 million volunteers over the years, Tree Day cultivates environmental stewardship and aims to help kids make nature a part of everyday life.

City Toyota has been involved with schools tree day several years and has supported numerous primary schools.  The event is one we look forward to as it provides the dealership with an opportunity to give back to the community that supports us.